Frequent Asked Questions

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Forex trading can be defined as buying and selling between currencies in order to gain profit from
exchange rates on offer. FX Trading occurs in pairs of currencies; while the first pair is called the ‘’base’’ currency, the second one is called the ‘’quote’’ currency.


Globally, the most preferred currency pair is the EUR/USD. It can be observed in the example below how much the US dollar can be traded for one Euro by buying the Euro and selling the US dollar.


EUR/USD = 1.2500

You can access the Forex Market any time of the day, during any of the weekdays available. The rates on offer are never fixed and due to a number of factors including economical reasons, interest rates, previous trade day and geopolitical factors influencing currencies, so expect constant changes almost on a day to day basis


The pathway to Forex Trade provided by GrapheneFX offers a platform to trade with the latest
technological advancements and huge sums of profits just right for the taking. You can expect a large array of currency pairs with minimum spreads and fast execution. So join the family and together let’s achieve success

Share Trading provides an opportunity to trade company shares within the market without actually owning them. Traders can benefit from the changing prices, with the opportunity to buy and sell whenever the time is right. This offers traders the opportunity to trade more while ensuring to save time and more cost efficient.

Company shares depends on its current and possible future performance and success in the market. Company’s revenue, new enterprises, and market events are some key factors that help to determine the overall stock value per share

Traders can perform trades with both short and long term positions and analyze the benefits that they could reap in from the overall workings of the market

A Commodity in trade is called raw materials. Natural resources or agricultural products are the most popular examples of a commodity. That being said, Coffee, Sugar, and Copper are the most preferably traded commodities in the Forex market.


Political, economic, and environmental factors affects commodity prices, these factors could further be listed as:


Supply and Demand
Technological advances
Geopolitical tensions
Weather conditions
Natural disasters


Commodity trading can enhance a trading portfolio, it provides ample opportunities to earn revenue and gain large profits in the process, if the trade is done right. Users and traders have the opportunity to trade multiple commodity derivate such as metals, energies, agricultural products (sugar, coffee, tea etc.) with minimum requirements and following the right strategies to oversee and manage the price liabilities.