Udinese Esports

GrapheneFX is an official sponsor of Udinese Calcio Esports, a successful Italian esport team. The Udinese Calcio eSports Team was set up in February 2020 with the aim of building a community of games, identifying new talent and organising gaming events at the Dacia Arena. The team currently features three eFootballPES2021 gamers: Edoardo Sbroggi├▓, Yuri Bacoli and Loris Gambaretto, and two FIFA21 gamers, Riccardo Nordio and Renato Criscuolo. The team will compete in the first edition of eSerieATIM in the 2020/21 season, organised by Lega Serie A. It is a team that moves forward by learning many things from its past and at the same time being open to innovations with its young talents. As GraphenFX, we proudly stand by Udinese Calcio with whom we share their dreams, and ambitions for the future.

Luther Clay

GrapheneFX is the official sponsor of a young champion, Luther Clay. Clay is a 25 year old professional boxer who was born in Durban, South Africa. Luther started boxing when he was about 15 years old. He took the first steps of his boxing career by playing many amateur matches. He continued his boxing career in the UK and continues in various countries such as Italy, Russia, Latvia, and Lithuania. He has fought in 15 games in total and managed to beat his opponents in 13 of the games. Hence, he became a 2020 WBO European Champion with a record of 13-2 at the beginning of his career. Sharing the same ambition to be excellent and the passion to be constantly a winner, we are proudly supporting Luther Clay and his championship process.

Develop Africa

GrapheneFX is an official partner of Develop Africa. Develop Africa is a non-profit organization and it is founded with the purpose of facilitating significant and sustainable development in Africa. It is an organization that supports education, meets the school needs for children's learning, and strives for the future. Develop Africa aims to train a new generation of African leaders by focusing on the education and innovation side of the development to strategically develop Africa. They provide scholarships to the children, who have not an opportunity to get adequate or higher education, along with school supplies, education in enhancing technological fields, professional and leadership training, and many others.