Who We Are

We have invested in you.

Who we are?

Throughout the years during the peaks and troughs, GrapheneFX Group has been ever present for investors. We will consistently be looking towards tomorrow and hoping for the betterment of all our investors in any way possible

Roots of our establishment

Graphene FX is based in South Africa. We additionally have workplaces in the UK and Canada. We have been serving in Europe, Asia and Africa throughout the last decade. For the last 1.5 years, we have been offering help to our financial backers in the Pakistani market with our extra back offices.

While Graphene is the most remarkable substance ever discovered, we have been inspired by the world's strongest product to be the most powerful broker in the forex industry. Graphenefx Group set up by financial experts who have been on the hunt for more than 10 years and it has developed to become one of the chief trading firms with more than $4 million in value capital.

Graphenefx Group directs its broker business with more than 350,000 customers and 90 different markets from around the world. Graphenefx guarantees direct admittance to the top liquidity suppliers with the quickest exchange execution. Across the world, individual and institutional financial backers will meet a wide scope of exchanged instruments including stocks, forex, indices, digital forms of money, and alternatives. Graphenefx Group and its offshoots execute more than 1,300,000 exchanges each day.

Why Choose Graphenefx

Graphenefx remains by the labor force structure which invites all societies, countries, nationalities, and religions. Our cutting edge innovation fits with our worldwide customers while they utilize our high level exchanging stages and devices. We work with specialists who boast far reaching experience inside the field and significant information about the financial markets. Our drive is to speed up exchanging administrations throughout by offering types of assistance in crypto, CFDs, equity indices, and valuable metals.

We follow the philosophy of winning our customer's dedication through giving satisfactory services. To keep our standing, we are attempting to offer support as per our customer's necessities and requests since honesty is the central issue to protect one's standing. Since customer's requirements and requests change as they get further developed, for the customer's fulfillment, we regulate the new business patterns and adjust to the most recent innovation. The motivation behind why we keep spreads low and offer the best support is that customer's prosperity is the main need for us. Hence, it's anything but a choice to roll out any improvements in segments that could upset the customer's accomplishment.

Fair Trading

Our main goal cultivates to give exchanging administrations just decency and dependability. All financial backers welcome to encounter equivalent and moral exchanging conditions by the by of their capital worth, the volume of their speculation, or their record types.

Broker You Can Trust

Graphenefx means to establish an exchanging climate with no re-quotes and no rejections.

Thus, with this arrangement, over 99% of all exchanging orders are executed in under a second. As we generally underline the way that execution speed matters the most in Forex and this is the thing that our organization's plan of action molded around.

Most Secure

At Graphenefx our need is to get our customer's assets.

Our group ensures that the entirety of our clients are not in danger of losing more than their underlying capital by providing Balance Protection.

A broker among you

We have consistently pursued the genuine accounts of our customers and accomplices, so our group has visited more than 60 cities all aroung. We accept that human resources is a higher priority than the capital in our pockets.

We are happy to start instructive social events to instruct dealers to improve their exchanging choices. Throughout the long term, Graphenefx has been brought up by our customers for giving great client care and a non-conventional way to deal with the exchanging scene. Grapehenfx is the place where dealers can see the value in the most elevated customer maintenance.